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How does it work

how does it work

*We always have enough in stock, but better check stock before you make purchase, this will help you much faster to get delivery.

Click the live chat button to talk with us, we will check the stock for you.

live chat position

*Select your server and item, click ADD TO CART button.

where is ADD TO CART

*Update your in game info and contact info, this is very important, if you dont know how to contact us after you pay, we will contact you in game or via email.

*Choose your payment method. You can pay with your PayPal account, debit card, credit card, or gift card.

*After you pay, please contact us to arrange delivery much faster. You can talk with us on live chat or skype. If you dont know what to do, please note to check if there is someone whisper you in game. and check your email inbox to see if there is a delivery email from us.

*The in game trading place will be informed by our customer support.

*We will trade you face to face in game.


Use PayPal to pay for maplestory mesos, safe and easy!